The Christian Schools' Trust work hard to support Christian schools. Take a look at the testimonies below to find out what parents and pupils have to say about some of the schools we work with.

Abbie former pupil

The school really helped my relationship with God to grow, in my teenage years especially, when it's so easy to drift away. I found having Christian classmates a real help and encouragement, something which would rarely be found in state schools.

Lexie former pupil

I spent two wonderful years at this school, which seemed to go far too quickly!! I grew as both a person and in my relationship with God. Without my experiences at the school I would certainly not be the person I am now.

Steve and Sue former parents

The school is a Christian ministry in this city, reaching out to all people, irrespective of faith. It provides a good education in a safe and caring Christian environment, and gives children a sound foundation for their future lives.

Alastair and Melanie current parents

We chose to send our children to a Christian School as we were concerned about the influences that out children would be under in the state system, and wanted them to be in an environment that would allow them to explore and develop their faith.

Sarah current parent

We are very fortunate to have found this incredible place, because within these aging walls is pure gold, a place where children are really encouraged to grow and develop. The commitment of the staff here to each and every child to be the best that they personally can and to values and care for one another, is incomparable.

John and Jane current parents

This school provides a truly holistic education. The environment is exceptionally friendly and relatively informal and the school successfully caters for the children with a considerable diversity of needs and ability.

Jacqui Cooper - present parent

My daughter Isobella was very unhappy at her previous school, I decided to move her to Emmaus in June and she settled in very quickly, everybody at the school making her feel very welcome.