Many schools within CST have developed very effective Christian curriculum materials. In time you will be able to view some samples on this page.

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As well as offering resources, CST provide a range of courses and events to benefit those involved in Christian education. Select the link below to find out more about what we offer.

Reading list

We've complied a list of titles to help you with a range of subjects across the curriculum. The reading list falls into two categories a 'recommended' list and an 'extended' list.

Useful links

As well as the information contained within this website, we have compiled a number of other useful links that you may find helpful.

Audio downloads

We will be adding audio downloads for key seminars and talks from CST events here soon.


It is some years since Sylvia Baker first began her initial research into some of the outcomes of the work that had been done at Trinity School, Stalybridge, since then we have watched as the project has grown in both scale and complexity.