It is some years since Sylvia Baker first began her initial research into some of the outcomes of the work that had been done at Trinity School, Stalybridge, since then we have watched as the project has grown in both scale and complexity.  When she completed her PhD and the results became more clear to us we were deeply encouraged by all that we saw was true across the CST schools that participated. 

Her new book, ‘Swimming Against the Tide’ provides good, solid evidence that an education in a setting where Jesus is the focus and goal really does help young people to receive something which strengthens them and gives them a great preparation for life.  We thoroughly recommend Sylvia’s book to you. 

We realise that because it is an academic book it is not inexpensive at £42 plus p&p but if schools were to buy one each for reference it would provide valuable help in any discussion regarding the longer term effects of Christian education.

To order a copy please follow the link below